Terms and Conditions

Public events

Ticket cancellation policy: If you cannot make it to your scheduled event, you can request a transfer voucher here until 48 hours prior to the event. Your transfer voucher will expire in 90 days. Transfers are not available less than 48 hours before the event. You may let someone of your own choosing use your ticket in your absence.

Transfer vouchers are not available for all events.

If a public event is canceled due to weather, the event will be rescheduled and your ticket will be automatically transferred. If you are unable to make it to the new date, the 48-hour cancellation policy applies.

Private Parties

There is a minimum number of attendees required for private parties. If you do not meet your minimum number of people, you will be responsible for the remaining amount.

Cancellation policy: Your down payment is non-refundable. If you cancel, you will not be refunded the down payment amount. You will be refunded the travel fee if applicable.

Private party weather cancellation: If the schools in the town of the event are closed, you will have the option of rescheduling your private party to an open date.