Wedding Painting

$300.00 (Down Payment)

It’s just $300 down to reserve your date! 

Book early to reserve your date.

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The Process

Most of the painting is executed on-site during the wedding and reception, ensuring that the canvas becomes a living reflection of the day. Once the event concludes, the painting is transported to my studio for the final touches. This two-step process allows the oil paint to dry between sessions, ensuring a flawless and enduring representation of your special day.

What to Expect

  • Book your artist at least a week ahead!
  • The artist will bring all materials, only space with a view is needed.
  • Summers fill quickly – book early.
  • Your down payment will go toward your final total.
  • We will meet either in person or online to discuss the painting requests.
  • The artist begins the painting on-site and then completes details later in the studio.
  • We are often asked about tipping the instructor. Please know that ALL the tips stay with the instructor. While not mandatory, tips are gratefully appreciated and typically average between 10-20% of your party total.
  • Creatively Uncorked, Inc., Creatively Weddings assumes no liability for damages during events.

Pro Tips for Your Wedding Painting

  • Choose your scene in advance if possible. Examples are first kiss, first dance, wedding party, recessional
  • The artist will need a good view of the scene in a space of 5'x5'. The artist will arrive before the guests to paint the scene's background.
  • Consider the placement of the artist concerning the guests. Do you want the artist to be visible and part of the entertainment or out of the way?
  • The artist will bring all the supplies. Space with a view is all they need.

Cancellation Policy

The down payment is non-refundable and goes toward your final balance.