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Creatively Uncorked isn’t your ordinary paint and sip! We offer a variety of fun projects for your night out or a group project. Change up your night out with Creatively Couples date night paintings, Creatively Kids painting, Creatively Glass wine glass painting, Wine Bottle Painting, Paint Your Pet, You Pick the Painting, Sea Glass, Resin Art, succulent planting, centerpiece boxes, bottle openers.

In addition to our normal canvas painting events, special events can be found on the calendar from time to time. Here are some of the special events happening in the Creatively Uncorked studio.

Wood Signs

We have a variety of wood sign sizes and designs. Don’t see the design you want? We can custom make a stencil for you. Wood Sign classes are offered often in our studios and available as mobile private parties. We can bring the party to you! Check the wood sign library to see the sizes and designs available.

Sea Glass Frames

We combine shells, rocks, and glass on a frame and bind it all with resin! Some projects will add color, some will add words. This is a lot of fun!

Geode Art

Purple Bubble Geode at Creatively Uncorked

Purple Bubble Geode

We cover various techniques for creating beautiful geodes in acrylic or resin. Add crystals, precious gems, glitter and create an amazing work of art!


Flow Art – Acrylic Pouring

You’ve seen the videos, now try it for yourself! We will show you a few acrylic pouring techniques, you can choose which you want to do.


Knit yourself a big soft chunky blanket or lap blanket. Yes, they are washable! You can also knit an infinity scarf.

 Acrylic Pouring

The trendiest thing out there right now! We show you the techniques, you mix the colors and create your poured artwork.

Wine Bottles with Lights

We decorate these wine bottles and add lights making the cutest table centerpiece! Great for use indoors or out. This will light up your patio or foyer. This is a great idea for creating centerpieces for your wedding.

Creatively Glass

It’s the one thing you need at every party – your own unique wine glass that can’t be confused with any other! Now you can paint your own wine glass the way you want it.

With the Creatively Uncorked Creatively Glass event, you can come in and paint a set of wine glasses. Each set includes two wine glasses – a traditional white wine glass and a stemless red wine glass. Paint them as a matching set or paint them separately. Your wine glasses will be dishwasher safe once cured. We will have pre-selected designs to choose from, or go rogue and design your own. Our team will be available to help you with the steps to your chosen design.

Wine Glass Succulents

These make great gifts! Paint your wine glasses, then plant your succulents. All supplies are included.

You Pick the Painting

Did you miss the painting you wanted to do? It still isn’t back on the calendar? Now is your chance to paint it.

With the Creatively Uncorked You Pick the Painting event, you can come in and choose the painting you want to do right off the studio wall. Our team will be available to help you with the steps to your chosen painting. These events will be scheduled from time to time during a three-hour time slot in the Creatively Uncorked public events calendar.

Paint Your Pet

This is a chance to have a custom painting of your own pet painted by you. Seats will be limited and several artists will be available to offer one-on-one painting guidance.

This is unlike our normal painting parties because each person will have a unique pet photo. Creatively Uncorked artists will assist in the selection of your palette, answer questions you have, and offer suggestions if needed—but this is an individual creative venture. You’ll work at your own pace, not along with the rest of the attendees.

Pop Art Paint Your Pet

This is a fun alternative to Paint Your Pet, where you can choose fun color combinations instead of the normal pet portrait.

Multi-Canvas Painting

Perfect for date night, mommy and me, family paint or roommate paint! Multi-canvas paintings create one large design on two or more canvases for two or more people. The final paintings will look great side by side or separately.

Wood Board Painting

Painting directly on different types of wood instead of a canvas, we have some fun and creative Minnesota, North Dakota and Bison wood cutouts.

Creatively Kids

Kids painting events are regularly scheduled at our West Fargo studio. You can book your Creatively Kids birthday party anytime.


Ceramic lighted trees just like your grandma had!

Watercolor Painting

Learn new painting skills that will last a lifetime with our watercolor painting classes.

You will always find something new!

We often add new creative and crafty events to our calendar. Check in to see what’s new for your night out or private party.


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